If you're struggling to Manifest the life you desire, you're probably suffering from the famous "Outcome Obsessed" mindset...

Today, I want your permission to blow your mind by revealing the only mindset you need to make 2024 the year you stop spinning your wheels and start living a life of true abundance…

Imagine having the power to summon financial freedom, long-lasting relationships, and life-long friends!

Dive into the mind of a Manifestation Titan and learn the secrets of the human mind and body that have catapulted countless people like you to a life of their wildest dreams.

On this page, I’ll show you the exact steps to Manifest true abundance…

This information will be helpful if:

✅ You always doubt yourself and feel unworthy of what you want.

✅ Are trapped in a skeptical mindset but want to see results.

✅ You binge-watch endless content about manifestation on YouTube.

✅ You force yourself into hours of meditation, affirmations, and journaling, hoping the universe will answer your prayers.

If you can relate…

Read this entire webpage.

Today you will learn…

✅ Why manifestation became a huge TikTok trend in 2023, yet 90% of those who tried…failed.

✅ Why Manifestation hasn’t worked for you. (There is nothing wrong with you. You just have the wrong mindset)

✅ Why 21 days is enough time to become a Manifestation Master and attract true abundance into your life.

Hey there, 

I’m Greg Prasker.

Founder of Spiritual Badasses.

On this very webpage, I will share…

✅ How Manifestation is the most powerful tool in your Spiritual Arsenal.

✅ How to achieve true abundance effortlessly.

✅ The secret Aqua Jump technique that doubled the speed at which I attracted my dream life.

✅ Practical steps to align your thoughts and actions for manifesting success.

✅ Common pitfalls to avoid when harnessing the power of manifestation.

As I write this…

I’m chilling at Singapore Airport.

Waiting for my flight to Vietnam…. BABY.

Traveling has been my life for the past 12 months…

Exploring the world and making content with my beautiful wife.

Seeing everything the world has to offer.

All because I discovered the only way to manifest true abundance.

Don’t get me wrong. Manifestation can be challenging.

It’s something that only comes naturally to a few people.

So, there’s no reason to beat yourself up if you’re struggling.

You’re near the end.

Because if you keep reading, I will show you the exact mindset you need for success.

But before that, I want to explain my journey.

Because I bet it’s nearly identical to what you are going through now… only worse!

Back in 2019, I was frustrated and burnt out by manifestation habits.

I did everything my mentors told me:

✅ Picked the best time to manifest.

✅ Clearly set my goals.

✅ Stayed thankful daily, even when feeling low.

✅ Stayed positive.

✅ Worked toward my dreams every day.

✅ Imagined my ideal life.

✅ Shared positive vibes with others.

✅ Made my desires the most important thing in my life.

Nothing happened!

The universe ignored me.

The more I pushed, the more frustrated I got.

I convinced myself that the universe was punishing me for my past mistakes.

And to make it worse…

Everybody else around me was crushing it.

Attracting their wildest dreams.

I felt like the odd one out.

But, of course, the universe wasn’t punishing me.

The universe doesn’t punish anybody, my friend.

My mindset needed to be corrected!

Let me show you why…

Here was my exact mistake…

✅ I made my desires the most important thing in my life.

This action is where 90% of people go wrong.

Our wants and desires are almost insignificant to the universe.

It took me years to figure this out.

And even longer to stay consistent in the correct mindset to see results.

So here’s the secret sauce…


It’s called a “wish-fulfilled” mindset.

That’s the secret.

Nothing more, nothing less.

The hard part is making the “wish-fulfilled” mindset permanent.

To help make this mindset permanent.

I went away and wrote the exact things you must do… and put it in a 6-page e-book.

The guide includes a breakdown of the Secret Aqua Jump Technique, which uses the human 3rd eye to 2x the speed at which you manifest your desires.

Used correctly, it guarantees results

The guide is for you if:

✅ You’ve just started manifestation and want to hit the ground running to make 2024 a year of true abundance.

✅ You’ve been “manifesting” for a while, and up to this point, you were close to quitting and returning to your previous life.

✅ You’re sick of binge-watching free manifestation content on TikTok (from people younger than you). Copying it step by step and getting nowhere.

✅ You want to make 2024 the year everything clicks into place, and you start living a life of true happiness.

Inside the guide, you’ll get:

✅ The three techniques you need to make the “wish-fulfilled” mindset permanent.

✅ The Spiritual Badass Manifestation Pledge you must recite daily so you no longer have to spend hours reciting affirmations because it takes less than 3 minutes.

✅ The manifestation writing technique I used to attract financial freedom, the perfect partner, and amazing friendships.

✅ The super effective Aqua Jump technique (revealed to me by a previous Mentor), which will 2x the speed at which you manifest abundance

✅ Absolutely everything I give to my 1:1 clients regarding manifestation so they can start seeing results after 21 days…

Take Holly, for example.

Before I met Holly, she struggled to manifest anything.

She was suffering intensely from negative self-talk.

But 21 days later, after following this guide to a tee.

(And with focus on the Aqua Jump technique)

She started seeing crazy results.

Don't take my word for it...

“The manifestation habits Greg gave me set me up for success. I used to wake up every morning with a negative mindset and did a lot of negative self-talk. Then I started visualizing the “wish-fulfilled mindset,” and suddenly, everything started going right for me!

Not long after doing this, I started waking up daily with a positive mindset! After manifesting my dream work environment, I again fell in love with my job. But here’s the most fantastic part… after a few months of using the manifestation habits, I got a check for $25,000. I was blown away. ”
(Not representative of typical results)

Isn’t that something? A $25,000 check!

And the best part is that Holly is no different from you.

She followed everything in the guide.

And it completely changed her life.


Until now, I have only ever given this information to my 1:1 clients.


Recently, I was meditating near a Buddhist temple in Nepal.

The universe spoke to me and said I should no longer gate-keep this crucial information.

Because this information changes lives. 

The information provided in this book could be worth thousands of $$$

Use it correctly and…

Your big payout is just around the corner.

Your dream relationship is just around the corner.

Your life-changing opportunity is just around the corner.

Don’t waste more time “wondering” if you can make it without this guide.

Get it today, and I guarantee results or your money back.

No BS.

No Fluff.

Don’t miss out on:

✅ How to CRUSH your current mindset and put the right one in place.

✅ Attracting total abundance into your life with friends, relationships, money, and opportunities.

✅ Getting in line with the universe and start getting everything you deserve.

✅ Learning the 2-cup Aqua Jump technique, which will 2x the speed in which you manifest your dreams

The choice is yours, my friend.

You can return to you’re current state of  spinning your wheels down the endless rabbit-hole of Youtube content. 

Or you can TAKE ACTION today and start seeing results of this incredible manifestation guide in less than 21 days.

But act quickly…

I dropped on the 8th of January, 2024.

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The reason that I charge for this information at all:
1. I want you to hold yourself accountable
2. It’s worth more than the asking price if you use it to attract things money can’t buy, like relationships and opportunities.
It's years of manifestation experience rolled into one guide.
Guaranteed to get you results.
It made me a Manifestation Master.
And now it’s your turn.
You know what to do.
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