Hey there, I'm Greg Prasker!

I want to share my healing journey with you. It all began back in 2012, after I'd spent a whopping two decades hooked on heavy doses of antidepressants, benzodiazepines, amphetamines, and sleeping pills to “treat” anxiety, depression, anger, insecurities, fear and low self-worth.

I hit rock bottom that day when I decided to end it all as I swallowed a bunch of pills and set off on a drive that could have been devastating, but luckily, I didn't harm myself or anyone else in a car accident.

The Story Of My Healing Journey

That scary moment marked the turning point in my life. I decided to explore hypnosis, and it changed everything. With each session, I gradually let go of those medications, and instead, I embraced the power of hypnosis and meditation. This newfound freedom led me to delve into natural healing methods like sound healing, energy work, eft tapping and plant medicine.

“It’s as if we forgot what the ancient and indigenous tribes have known since the beginning…plants and herbs are medicine…breath is medicine…energy is medicine…frequency is medicine.”

My life took a complete 180, and I discovered my true calling—to help others heal. But I knew hypnosis was just the beginning. There was a whole world of knowledge and experience out there waiting for me.

It’s incredible how we seem to have forgotten what ancient tribes have known for ages—plants, herbs, energy, and frequency are all forms of medicine. That realization drove me even further.

Over the years, I connected with healers from all around the globe, exploring various healing practices involving sound, energy, and plants. My mission expanded to guide people like you, who, just like me, carry baggage from their past. It’s my passion to help you uncover that “something” and set it free.

Today, I dedicate my life to helping individuals and groups break free from anxiety, fear, and insecurities, guiding them toward a life filled with confidence, freedom, joy, and purpose. My toolkit includes hypnosis, sound and energy healing, shamanic journeying, tarot reading and spiritual coaching.

But I’m not stopping there. I’m also diving into music production with the goal of creating sounds that can heal the world in ways we’ve never imagined. My purpose is clear—to build a community of healers, to help you tap into your hidden potential, and to empower you to step into your destiny with unshakable confidence. Come join me on this incredible journey of transformation and self-discovery!